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Oct. 27th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Quinn and Kit as pirates.
Two strangers in a pub griping about boyfriends past.
Quinn is one of Kit's teachers.

Sorry, I couldn't resist combining them. :D

The port of Tortuga was lively that night, and the Oar and Rudder was the rowdiest grog shop on the waterfront. Voices were raised either in song or argument while billiard balls clashed in another room and rum flowed like water. It was a grand escape from life aboard ship, and Captain Jacqueline Ravenwood, Jac to those who knew her, was glad to be on shore, at least for the next few days.

She had just raised a pewter tankard to her lips when she felt the buzzing tingle of another Immortal nearby. Pretending nothing was amiss, she slowly lowered her drink and rested a casual hand on the cutlass hanging from her waist. Bright, sea-coloured eyes scanned the bar, looking for the source of the buzz.

Soon enough, Jac spotted a brunette making her way through the crowd. Their eyes met and Jac gave her a slight nod. The brunette simply scowled as a drunken sailor bumbled into her, knocking them both a few paces off center.

"Yeh alright there, lass?" Jac asked as the other Immortal reached the bar.

"Oh, I'm dandy," she groused. "Just tell me you're not after my head."

Jac chuckled as she took a swig from her tankard. "Nay, lass. I've sworn off all that nonsense. Though, anyone comes lookin' fer mine, they'll have a tough time gettin' it."

"Good," she replied with a curt nod before taking a drink from her own tankard. "By the way, I'm Catherine, but everyone calls me Kit."

"Right. Kit it is." She held out her hand for the other woman to shake. "Name's Jacqueline Ravenwood. Most folks call me Cap'n Jac or just Jac."

"Captain?" Kit sputtered. "I didn't think women could do that."

"And just why th'hell not? We've got brains, don't we?" Jac asked. "Besides, betcha didn't know a woman once led a hundred thousand inta battle didja?"

The last was said with a wink, a smile and a raised tankard.

"But... how?"

"How what? How'd I end up on th'battlefield or as captain?"

"Well, uh, both."

"Tell y'what. We'll save th'battlefield fer a rainy day," Jac smiled. "As fer th'other? Let's just say, when a ship's becalmed with a woman on board and th'crew's bored off their collective arses, she'd best know how t'defend herself. I'd taken on four of their brawlers before th'cap'n put a stop t'th'hullabaloo.

"Few days later, squall came up something fierce and th' first mate was knocked t'Davy Jones," she continued. "I didn' have a chance t'think, and just picked up where he left off. If th'rest of th'crew had somethin' t'say about it, they were wise enough t'keep their tongues behind their teeth. After that, I was made first mate and ended up sailin' under Cap'n Weatherly for a full two years 'fore he retired and gave me Th'Liberator. And that was nigh on t'four years ago. Been sailin ever since."

For her part, Kit looked suitably impressed, and the pair continued to make small talk until another rowdy sea dog mistook them for wenches. That didn't last very long considering he passed out in mid-sentence, slumping to the disgusting floor in a snoring heap.

"Men!" Jac snorted into her tankard.

"It'd be nice to find one who actually thinks with his brains for a change!" Kit agreed.

"When y'find one, let me know," Jac snorted. "But I kinda think this is th'wrong place fer that."

A resounding CRASH carried over the din of the tavern as someone broke a chair over another's back.

"You know, I think you're right," Kit laughed. "Not that the men back home are any different. If it isn't one thing, it's my head."

Jac nodded sagely. "Just part of being Immortal, lass. We're bound t'find eejits like that."

"That's putting it mildly," Kit retorted.

"I take it yeh've come across a few then?" Jac asked before taking a swig from her tankard.

"You could say that," Kit answered.

"Course I have a habit of falling for blokes who have more backbone than brains," Jac replied.

"See? I have the opposite problem. All brains, but no spine." Kit commiserated as she drank from her own mug. "Put them together and we'll have the perfect man."

Jac laughed and clunked her tankard with Kit's. "I'll drink t'that!"

"Just once, I'd like to find someone who doesn't care that I'm Immortal," Kit continued.

"Bah, so long as he doesn't mind my handing him his arse once in awhile, I'll be alright," Jac snickered.

Kit snorted at held her cup aloft. "To brains!"

"And brawn!" Jac grinned as they toasted. "May we each find both."

"Amen!" Kit laughed.

Jac polished off the rest of her rum before putting a wise arm around Kit's shoulders. "Tell, y'what, lass. Y'seem t'have a good head on yer shoulders and it'd be a shame t'lose that. So, I'll make yeh an offer: come be part of m'crew and I'll Teach yeh what I know about fighting. And maybe y'can keep that head of yers long enough t'find th'right bloke. How's that?"

"Deal!" Kit grinned.

"C'mon then. Let's get you settled aboard Th'Liberator," Jac replied. "We sail with th'morning tide."


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