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Oct. 27th, 2009 11:58 pm
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November, 2007
Orkney Island, Scotland

I stared out over the water and let my mind wander. I had left Elaine behind in Colorado, and it was time to reacquaint myself with Quinnleigh. I thought about her personality, her beliefs, her quirks, who she was as a person.

Elaine had been a rough and rugged, hard living and hard loving woman. She could rope, ride and knew almost everything there was to know about horses and ranching. She was tough and proud and absolutely fearless.

Quinnleigh was a different sort. She was a woman who could kick back with the chaps, toss back a few pints, and tell bawdy jokes. She was a flirt and a knockabout in her own right with a fierce pride for her native Scotland.

In some respects Elaine and Quinn were actually rather similar. They could both drink just about anyone under the table. They both swore a blue streak that was a “country mile wide.” They were both outgoing, and they were both fiercely loyal: Elaine to her family and Quinn to Scotland.

I turned back to the house and realized something about myself as well: I was home, and I was a coward. Every time I felt threatened or exposed, I ran. I had been running my entire life, the whole two thousand years I’d been on this Earth. I tried to tell myself that it was for my own protection and to protect those around me. Self-preservation demanded I change lives every few decades, more or less, and I was tired of running, tired of not having a place I could call mine.

This is where we fight! This is where they die!

It had been a rallying cry in a swords-and-sandals movie I’d seen with Wade and the kids back in March. I had uttered almost the same phrase as Boudica when faced with a similar situation, and I felt a strong kinship towards that man, that king.

I looked at the house once more. It was a simple home of stone and slate, but it was mine. Hunters, Immortal and mortal alike, be dammed. This was where I would make my stand. This was where I would live. This was where I would fight. And, if worse came to worse, this was where I would die.

I knew quite a few Immortals who had one place they could always return to, but I had seen no reason to have anything like that, until now. I had always traveled light and burned bridges behind me. I’d never had someone, or someplace, I could return to time and time again. But there was something about this house, this remote island, that changed my mind. It had taken nearly two millennia to find it, but I was home. Finally.

Quinnleigh Kincaid
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