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When: May, 1827
Where: Vienna, Austria
Alias: Elsa Dreher

You take the footman's hand as he helps you down from the carriage. Tonight is a ball in honour of a late composer, and you are dressed in your finest gown and gloves. Diamonds sparkle at your throat. Your long, red hair has been pinned up in intricate braids and curls. The emerald green silk suits you to perfection.

You walk through the doors and pin a smile to your lips. No one here knows you. No one here could ever guess what you were beneath all the finery. No one knows how many you've killed. No one expects the stiletto hidden in the bodice of the gown. No one knows you're older than you seem.

You spend the evening dancing, laughing, flirting, all the while conscious of your deadly nature. You can never forget what you truly are, but you are an expert at making people see what you want them to.

"May I have this dance?" a gentleman asks.

You don't know his name. You don't bother to ask. Though he may be young and handsome now, in a few years, decades perhaps, he will be dust, and you will be just as you've always been: alone.

You agree to the dance, hoping to forget, for a moment, that you are anything but mortal. He proves to be one of the better partners you've had that evening. His cologne isn't overpowering nor is he a clod. His eyes don't quite meet yours, perhaps there is something he sees in them that makes him uncomfortable. Maybe he knows that underneath all your specious finery, you are a warrior who wouldn't hesitate to snap his neck, if necessary.

Muse: Quinnleigh Kincaid
Fandom: Highlander OC
Words: 278
Prompt: [ profile] theatrical_muse #257: Specious
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