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Wherever I May Roam ~ Metallica
[listen, lyrics]
When: October, 1792
Where: France
Alias: Gabrielle Valmont

Mist swirled around her as the horse galloped down the road. Dawn was only an hour away and she need to reach Calais. The country was roiling with words of "révolution" and "guillotine." She had to escape.

Wind tore at her coat. She wasn't so foolish as to try and ride in full skirts and corset. A tricorn was pulled to her brow and her long, red hair was tied back in a queue. Only her soft features would give clue that she wasn't what she seemed.

Though the night was silent, she could almost hear the shouts of the rioters behind her. In days past, she might've taken up their cause, but their new weapon turned her blood cold in fear. She knew it wasn't just the nobility that were hunted, but also those like herself.

Light crept onto the road and Calais was only a few miles ahead. She would miss the physical belongings she had left behind, but had decided to spare no time packing them. Instead, she simply changed into a man's costume, strapped her ages-old sword to her back, and had disappeared from the Valmont estate that very night.

Since then, she had called the road her home for nearly a week. She could've stayed at several inns along the route, but was wary of such establishments. Instead, she chose to make camp where she could. Luckily, she remembered enough woodslore to live off the land, as it were.

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